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Product Image [TOPBOOKS YLP Kids] Animal Tales Fear Y399

[TOPBOOKS YLP Kids] Animal Tales Fear Y399

Publisher: Misc (Mehraj)
ISBN: 9789383665006

RM 6.00

Animals, and their stories, have always held a special fascination for young children. This series of Animals Tales Strives to bank upon this fascination to communicate the moral values and lessons that the chlidren should adopt and follow in their daily lives. It is imperative for the young minds to inculcate a healthy attiude and positive feelings in their hearts to enable them to grow up into mature, sensible and responsible adults. Each of the six books contains four moral-based stories presented in simple language for easy understanding along with colourful and beautiful illustrations.

Unit: 4
Page: 16
Size: 22 x 28 (W x H cm)