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Product Image [TOPBOOKS SAP] Latest Syllabus Biology For Matriculations Semester 1 (2022)

[TOPBOOKS SAP] Latest Syllabus Biology For Matriculations Semester 1 (2022)

Publisher: SAP Pub
ISBN: 9789673218295

RM 39.90

Latest Syllabus for Matriculation Semester 1 is an introductory book which provides an excellent way for students undertaking subject under the Matriculation Programme to understand key concepts, principles, facts and theories.

This book will put you on the right track as it is in accordance with the latest syllabus specified in the Matriculation Programme by the Matriculation Division, Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Key features :

  • Simple, direct, clear and concise explanations presented in an accessible manner for easy learning
  • Worked examples and problem solving techniques reinforce ideas and guide students in applying the new concepts learnt
  • Exercise with suggested answers stimulate thinking and accurately assess students' understanding

      Unit : 9
      Pages : 324
      Sizes : 19 x 26 (W x H cm)