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Product Image [TOPBOOKS SAP] Diagrams Mathematics (Science) For Matriculations Semester 1 (2022)

[TOPBOOKS SAP] Diagrams Mathematics (Science) For Matriculations Semester 1 (2022)

Publisher: SAP Pub
ISBN: 9789673218202

RM 19.90

  • Organised and easy-to-use notes
  • Friendly to higher-order thinking skills (HOTS)
  • The series of Diagrams College Matriculation has developed an approach that puts a greater emphasis on concepts and qualitative reasoning, and that enhances student students learning
  • When reading and analysing a concept, it forms a representation of the concepts by interpreting it and associating with it different pieces of knowledge
  • When solving a problem, it partially structures the way to approach problems, helping to developed students' thought processes, followed by manipulation of equations
  • When used consistently, it can lead to good habits-of-mind

Unit : 10
Pages : 236
Sizes : 19 x 26 (W x H cm)