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Product Image [TOPBOOKS GPH] Goodwill's 50 Witch Stories

[TOPBOOKS GPH] Goodwill's 50 Witch Stories

Publisher: Mehraj
ISBN: 9788172454043

RM 14.00

  • Bestseller in USA
  • Low Priced Edition
  • Selected by:
    • Stefan Dziemianowicz
    • Robert H. Weinberg
    • Martin H. Greenberg
  • Meet the diverse coven of witches who populate the 50 delightfully scary stories, from practitioners of white witchcraft to devotees of black magic
  • Most are female, some are male and a few are thoroughly unclassifiable
  • They can be born witches or made witches, and may mix simple love potions or volatile concoctions that threaten all we hold dear
  • The many writers who take on this ever-fascinating character include Juleen Brantingham, Joe R. Landsdale, Simon McCaffery, Terry Campbell and Lawrence Shimel
  • These witches are so wicked, you'll want to read about them over and over again

Page : 316
Size : 14 x 22 cm (W x H cm)