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Product Image [TOPBOOKS Times] Essential English Usage & Grammar Book 3

[TOPBOOKS Times] Essential English Usage & Grammar Book 3

Publisher: Times (Mehraj)
ISBN: 9789831832707

RM 22.90

         In this series, each book has been written according to an elaborate plan covering all the points of usage and grammar. At first glance, it might appear that some of the language items in the alter books are a repitition of earlier material; but in fact they are extensions or a more elaborate treatment of the items.

          This series stresses on learning through constant practice. The exercises have been specially devised to consolidate the items covered in various ways; by completion, modification, conversion, intergration, restatements, alteration, transformation and transposition.

          Throughout the books there are numerous revisionary practices. They are of two types - one which is purely revisionary; the other is always an extension of the items taught earlier. These exercises serve two purposes: 

(a) to find out whether the students have fully comprehended the points of usage and the correctness of expression.
(b) to assess their level at frequent intervals before proceeding to new lessons.

Unit : 30 
Pages : 32
Size : 22 x 14 ( H x W cm)