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Product Image [Dickens] Grammar & More with Comprehension and Composition Book 4 (New edition)

[Dickens] Grammar & More with Comprehension and Composition Book 4 (New edition)

Publisher: Dickens (Pelangi)
ISBN: 9781781871485

RM 11.65

This series has been thoroughly revised to meet the requirements of English language learners across different boards and curricula.
  • A pictorial Get Set, Go! opens each unit and introduces (earners to the grammar topics.
  • Language Across the Curriculum will make learners aware that language connects different subjects.
  • For the Teacher (Books 1-5) suggests additional activities and games.
  • Vocabulary (Books 1-5) will enrich Learners' word store.
  • In My Language (Book 6) will sensitise learners to the similarities and differences between English and their mother tongues.
  • Let's Talk (Book 6) wilt help Familiarise learners with structures used in everyday situations.
  • Caution Boxes (Book 6) will alert learners to common errors.
  • Do More with Grammar (Book 6) includes activities that can serve as grammar projects.
  • Worksheets will provide additional practice to learners.
  • Revision units will help in diagnostic assessment of learners.
  • Comprehension and guided Composition will enable learners to experience actual context-based application of grammar.
Unit : 3
Pages : 136
Size : 18 x 24 (W x H cm)