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Product Image [TOPBOOKS SAP] Diagrams Biology For Matriculations Semester 2 (2023)

[TOPBOOKS SAP] Diagrams Biology For Matriculations Semester 2 (2023)

Publisher: SAP Pub
ISBN: 9789673218424

RM 19.90

  • Organised And Easy-To-Use Notes
  • Friendly To Higher-OrderThinking Skills (HOTS)
  • The Series Of Diagrams College Matriculation Has DDeveloped An Approach That Puts A Greater Emphasis On Concepts And Qualitative Reasoning, And That Enhances Student Learning
  • When Reading And Analysing A Concept, It Forms A Representation Of The Concepts By Interpreting It And Associating With It Different Pieces Of Knowledge
  • When Solving A Problem, It Partially Structures The Way To Approach Problems, Helping To Developed Students' Thought Processes, Followed By Manipulation Of Equations
  • When Used Consistently, It Can Lead To Good Habits-Of-Mind

Unit  :  11
Pages  :  220
Sizes  :  19 X 26 (W X H CM)