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Product Image [Ex Sasbadi] Target Pintar SPM English 1119 Form 4 & 5

[Ex Sasbadi] Target Pintar SPM English 1119 Form 4 & 5

Publisher: zReturnFolder
ISBN: 9789837707313

RM 12.90

The TARGET PINTAR SPM series is wholly focused on SPM - it incorporates SPM note with graphics and examples, SPM-orientated practices, cloned questions and assessment that fulfill the SPM format, as well as ICT link to online materials that provide additional information. The visual in the book are presented for practical purpose.

Together with the meticulously-planned materials written by experienced authors, they will enhance student's understanding of the subject and thus, make their revision for the SPM examination much easier and more effective.

The feature presented in this series not only highlight the extraordinary qualities of this book, but also provide a clear overview of the content. The TARGET PINTAR SPM series is truly a value buy because you will get OPTIMUM BENEFIT at a very FAIR PRICE.

Unit : 6
Page : 304
Size : 21 x 15 (H x W cm)