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Product Image [Sasbadi] Pre-U Text STPM Biology Semester 1

[Sasbadi] Pre-U Text STPM Biology Semester 1

Publisher: Sasbadi
ISBN: 9789837709775

RM 39.90

  • Based on the new STPM syllabus 
  • Contents fulfil the new STPM examination system requirements
  • comprehensive  reference for students who will be sitting for Biology Paper1 (964/1) examination at the end of the Semester 1

Main features of the book : 

  • Concise and easy-to-understand notes in point form 
  • Step-by-step approach for easy learning and understanding
  • Examination tips in the side column for effective studying 
  • Model Test for through exam preparation 
  • Written by experienced and authoritative writers

Unit : 6
Pages : 313
Size : 27 x 21 cm ( H x W cm )