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Product Image Nuxes Sukses SPM KBSM Science Form 4,5

Nuxes Sukses SPM KBSM Science Form 4,5

Publisher: Sasbadi
ISBN: 9789835990663

RM 30.50 RM 33.90

Nuxes Sukses SPM is a complete study resource to assist students to score top ,arks in the SPM examination. This book contains thorough revision notes with clear and concise explanation as well as useful diagrams and illustrations. It has a range of exam-style questions for every topic, with answers at the back of the book to help students check their progress. The bookm is presented in a clear, students-friendly style.

    The book is carefully planned based  on the Textbooks, the KBSM syllabus and the latest SPm format and written by teachers with extensive experience in teaching and writing as well as marking SPM examination papers.