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Product Image [SAP SQ] Olympiad Maths Trainer 1 (7-8 Years)

[SAP SQ] Olympiad Maths Trainer 1 (7-8 Years)

Publisher: SAP SG
ISBN: 9789812749048

RM 31.40 RM 34.90

Olympiad Maths Trainer is a series of workbooks written to prepare students for mathematical competitions . each book uses a systematic approach to train students over 50 weeks. students will be exposed to various types of mathematical problems. two tests, at week 25 and 50, can be used to assess a student's problem-solving skills within a given time frame.

Welcome once more to the paradise of Mathematical Olympiad where the enthusiastic young minds are challenged by the non-routine and exciting mathematical problems! In the first two books of this new series, students are introduced to 5 different types of mathematical problems every 12 weeks. They can then apply different thinking skills to each problem type and gradually break certain mindsets in problem-solving. The remaining four books comprise 6 different types of mathematical problems in the same manner. In essence, students are exposed to stimulating and interesting mathematical problems where they can work creatively. Secondly, the depth of problems in Mathematical Olympiad cannot be underestimated. The series contains additional topics such as the Konigsberg Bridge Problem, Maximum and Minimum Problem, and some others which are not covered in the first series, Maths Olympiad – Unleash the Maths Olympian in You!

Unit :6
saiz : 20x27 (WxH cm)