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Product Image [TOPBOOKS Dickens] Our Maths Class Begins!

[TOPBOOKS Dickens] Our Maths Class Begins!

Publisher: Dickens (Pelangi)
ISBN: 9789811118197

RM 17.90

A maths comic that not only teaches mathematical concepts but also stimulates teacher-student discussion.

Comics...we teach the way students learn best.

It has always been a challenge for school teachers to teach mathematics to students with different levels of ability. The use of cartoons and comics, which are usually enjoyed by school-going children, is therefore introduced to motivate students to learn the subject and enable teachers to engage their students in the process of learning. Furthermore, incorporating comics into teaching helps provide opportunities for skill-building and creativity development.

Teaching and learning mathematics is a challenging yet fulfilling experience. This maths comic ensures that there is always two-way communication between teachers and students in a positive classroom environment whereby mathematical concepts, mathematical magic, puzzles and mathematical beauty relevant to our daily life are presented in a visually interesting manner. 

In education, quality matters most and we provide just that. 

Units : 31
Pages : 61
Size : 18 x 24 (W x H cm)