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Product Image [TOPBOOKS Pelangi Kids] Learn to Write (Ages 4 and above)

[TOPBOOKS Pelangi Kids] Learn to Write (Ages 4 and above)

Publisher: Pelangi Children
ISBN: 9789810985646

RM 5.60

Learn To Read and Learn To Write are a package of two books specially designed to help children aged 4 and above to learn such basics as the letters of the English alphabet, number, shapes and colours.

Learn To Read provides the basic and essential elements of the learning of the alphabet. The children learn to recognise and pronounce the 26 letters. They also to associate the letters with objects and animals which are common to them in their environment so that the meanings of the words can be easily understood. The use of attractive stickers stimulates the children's interest to learn. What's more, they learn to pronounce the words properly in the process. Equally important, number recognition to ten is taught as a key to their early maths. Colours and shapes are introduced to them as the recognisable characteristics to observe and categorise what they see.

Learn To Write provides one set of tracing worksheets for practice in mastering the necessary strokes required for formal handwriting and one set of worksheets for practice in printing the uper case and lower case versions of each letter. These worksheets are instrumental in developing and reinforcing the children's fine motor skills.

With the help of these two carefully-crafted books, the chilfren re given a good start in the learning process.

  • Page : 32
  • Size : 20x27 cm (WxH)