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Product Image [Pelangi Kids] Kids + Friends 我们的新朋友 Our New Friend (Chinese & English)

[Pelangi Kids] Kids + Friends 我们的新朋友 Our New Friend (Chinese & English)

Publisher: Pelangi Children
ISBN: 9789830096322

RM 9.90


One day, someone sends a gift to the circus. A card on the gift box says, "The Big Opportunity!". In the box, there are many balloons of different colours. The circus animals want to find out what that big opportunity is.They each take a balloon and blow but all their balloon burst. Manny Monkey then teaches Baby Elephant, Tic Tiger, Harry Hedgehog and Bouncy Bunny how to blow correctly. The balloons do not burst and all the animals hang onto their balloons and fly up and away. Where will the animals fly to?

Size: 23 x 23 cm (H x W cm)