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Product Image [EX Pan Asia] Smart 1201 Question Bank English Form 5

[EX Pan Asia] Smart 1201 Question Bank English Form 5

Publisher: zReturnFolder
ISBN: 9789674662592

RM 10.95

  • HOTS
  • Concise Notes
  • CCTS-Based
  • Topical Approach
  • Multiple Questions
  • Complete Answer
  • The SMART 1201 QUESTION BANK series has been written with the aim of helping students achieve a high standard of excellence or the examination.This has been done through a comprehensive selection of exam-oriented.questions and texts that meet the requirements of the latest examination format as well as the syllabus requirements of each subject.
  • Effective Topical Practice
  • Contains quality questions based on topics in the syllabus.
  • Tests and assesses students' progress and preparedness for the examination.
  • Complete Answers Provided
  • Unit : 8
  • Page : 150
  • Size : 20 x 28 ( W x H cm )