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Product Image [Oxford Fajar] Dictionary of Nursing (Malaysian Edition)

[Oxford Fajar] Dictionary of Nursing (Malaysian Edition)

Publisher: Oxford Fajar
ISBN: 9789676579638

RM 41.90

Dictionary Of Nursing Malaysia Edition 

  • Based on the Oxford Dictionary of Nursing(4th Edition)
  • Contains up-to-date medical terms useful for nursing students
  • Over 10000 entries
  • Comprehensive wordfinder

Includes entries in the nursing-related fields of medicine, surgery, anatomy and physiology, psychiatry, nutrition and pharmacology

Simple pronunciation guide

Clear meaning

100 helpful illustrations


Includes reference values for biochemical and haematological data, standard values for body weight, an immunization schedule, nutritional requirements, and the nursing code of conduct


Includes a bilingual Malay-English wordlist section for easy reference.

Commonly Used Medical and Nursing Abbreviations

Size: 18 x 12 cm (H x W cm)