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Product Image [Oxford Fajar] Amazing Mathematics Form 3

[Oxford Fajar] Amazing Mathematics Form 3

Publisher: Oxford Fajar
ISBN: 9789834728519

RM 24.90

Amazing is a series of comprehensive revision texts specially written according to the latest Standard-based Curriculum and Assessment Document (DSKP) for the new Secondary School Standard-based Curriculum (KSSM). This series is designed to complement the new textbook and guide students to master the subjects. The thoughtful questions, highly visual approach, striking layout and full color pages in the Amazing series immerse student in the 21st century learning experience.


  • Complete notes 
  • HOTS questions 
  • Thinking Map 
  • Summative Practice 
  • PT3 Practice
  • PT3 Assessment
  • Answers

Unit : 9
Page : 186
Size : 26 x 19 (H x W cm)