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Product Image [TOPBOOKS Ilmu Bakti] A Diagrammatic Guide to Writing SPM

[TOPBOOKS Ilmu Bakti] A Diagrammatic Guide to Writing SPM

Publisher: Ilmu Bakti
ISBN: 9789674931933

RM 12.90

Bonus literature Section based on the Form 5 Literature text

A diagrammatic guide to writing SPM is a comprehensive and detailed guide to aid students of Form 4 & 5 on how to write effectively.

Key Features:

  • Guidelines on how to draft an outline before writing an essay
  • Contains 10 types of compositions tested in SPM together with writing tips and format guidelines 
  • 130 sample essays in diagrammatic form 
  • Guidelines on how to write a good summary with model question and answers
  • Writing, grammar and vocabulary tips
  • SPM-Cloned questions are included
  • Two sets of Model tests (Paper 1)
  • Suggested answers

Size:16x26 (HxW)