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Product Image [TOPBOOKS Marshall Cavendish] i-Science Course Book Primary 1

[TOPBOOKS Marshall Cavendish] i-Science Course Book Primary 1

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish (Mehraj)
ISBN: 9789812850638

RM 54.40

i-Science is a series of Science course book with accompanying activity books. It is written in compliance with the Science syllabus set by the Ministry of Education.

i-Science encourages active learning and attempts to develop habits of the mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry in pupils. A conscious effort has been made to relate the learning of science to everyday experiences and commonly observed phenomena. This helps pupils to understand the relationship between science and the enviroment.

  • Everyday experience and contexts that pupils can relate to 
  • Suggestions for cooperative learning
  • Spiral approach to link what had been learnt and what us to be learnt