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Product Image Grammar And More Book 7

Grammar And More Book 7

Publisher: Dickens
ISBN: 9781781870440

RM 9.95

Grammar And More is a grammar series developed for young learners to understand grammatical concepts in a systematic way.

  • Each grammatical element is explained clearly using easy-to-follow examples and practice exercises from everyday life 
  • Short activities at the beginning of each chapter serve to introduce the concept in an interesting manner 
  • Grammatical terms are explained in a simple and concise manner 
  • The extensive and varied exercises provide ample practice
  • The stimulating activities will engage learners both in exploring aspects of structure and usinng language in a meaningful way 
  • Interesting passages will help develop comprehension skills 
  • The guided composition activities will help to reinforce students' writing skills 
  • The Model Test Papers will help in assessing the skills acquired by the learners 
Units : 12
Pages : 160
Size : 18 x 24 (W x H cm)