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Product Image [Cambridge PO] Cambridge IGCSE Geography Coursebook with CD-ROM

[Cambridge PO] Cambridge IGCSE Geography Coursebook with CD-ROM

Publisher: Cambridge (PanAsia PO)
ISBN: 9781107458949

RM 174.20

This book is thoroughly updated to support the syllabus for examination from 2016. Written by experienced authors, this coursebook supports teachers in the delivery of the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, offering expertise, building confidence and providing guidance in preparing for examinations through a practical and activity-led approach.
This book is structured as follows:
  • Part A: Geographical Themes covers all syllabus topics. Case studies and activities provide opportunities for students to test and apply their knowledge
  • Part B: Geographical Skills includes six large-scale map extracts with linked activities to develop map work and other key skills, such as drawing graphs and sketches 
  • Part C: Geographical Enquiry covers fieldwork and coursework skills including four potential coursework topics
  • Part D: Preparing for Examinations includes a step-by-step analysis of exam-style questions with a range of example answers and commentary

Included in this book is a free student CD-ROM containing additional support sheets and outline maps.

Parts : 4
Pages : 296
Size : 22 x 28 x 1.5 (W x L x H cm)