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Product Image Latihan Lengkap Unit English KSSR/SJKC -Year 3A -2019一课一习单元练习英文3A年级

Latihan Lengkap Unit English KSSR/SJKC -Year 3A -2019一课一习单元练习英文3A年级

Publisher: PEP
ISBN: 9789672266037

RM 4.90

Based on the Textbook Modules

Each Practice is designed based on the seven learning skills:Listening and Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonics and Language Arts, which every pupil should master

Model Pre-UPSR Practices to help students understand the UPSR format.

Mid-Year Assessment provided

Complete answers are provided

  • The exercises and practices are based on the latest Textbook
  • Includes i-Think Maps

In Line with the Latest Textbook

Size: 26 x 19 cm (H x W cm)